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Though there may be days when you feel less beautiful, this does not mean you are doomed to a life of plainness.  You too can be noticed for the true beauty you hold inside, even if you can’t see it all the time.

Everyone has a deeper light of beauty which may need a beauty spell to be activated.  With free beauty spells, you will be able to uncover the beauty you’ve always held inside.  By releasing the true essence of your own beauty, you will begin to change the way others see you…and you will change the way you see yourself too.

Eternal Beauty Spells

A beauty spell will make it work where others will see the truth of how beautiful you truly are.

The amazing thing about this beauty spell is that it works for eternity bringing out not only your physical beauty on the outside but it will also make it where others will truly recognize your beauty on the inside as well.

Use the Eternal Beauty Spell to enhance your physical beauty by working deep within you on your inner beauty and to keep it that way for eternity.

  • Motivation Spell

This is motivation spell is also a version of what is known as a glamour spell. Glamor spells increase your self-confidence.  They use mirrors to help inspire you and give you a reason to feel good about yourself.

You can use this Motivation Spell either for motivation or for glamour.

It is suggested that this is a good one to do before an important job interview, meeting, or an important date.

This spell is also known to increase your motivation in regards to weight loss or self-improvement

  • Keep Beauty from Fading

This beauty spell uses food that is sacred to the love Goddess Venus to keep you beautiful. It is good spell to perform three days before you have to attend an important date or event.

It works well anytime but it is best to do from the new moon through to the full moon because that is the time that you can make things progress.

To make this spell doubly powerful do it for fourteen instead of three days in a row.

  • Radiant Beauty Spell

If you want to radiate beauty and be the object of lust for men or women then you need the beauty spell!

We have all seen those people. They may not be classically beautiful in their appearance, but there is something about them that gives them a special aura of beauty. This aura surrounds them wherever they go. It never seems to leave them. No matter what time of day it is, or what they are wearing or doing, they seem to radiate a certain something. Other people seem to throng around them, and they are the centre of attention wherever they go. They are the people that others lust over.  They have an aura of radiance that seems to surround them. Be one of them by casting our free Radiant Beauty Spell.

  • Spell for Weight Loss

This weight loss spell uses a thread that is you shorten by tying in nine knots. Each tying of the knot symbolizes a notch in a belt. You are to think, while you are doing this, that you are tightening the belt around your waist as you do each step of the weight loss program.  This is based on the usual nine knot spell that is used in Wiccan Magic to achieve a result. With each knot that is tied you state and intention and mark it as are reality that will manifest in the future.  Yellow ribbon is used because it looks like measuring tape.

When you use this spell visualize losing about seven pounds a week

As there are spells available for basically anything, it is quite natural there are weight loss spells as well. When trying to lose the extra weight, things can seem to be quite desperate as you strive to lose and continue to gain. In the event that you have exhausted all of your measures, you can say what the heck and try weight loss spells. Although there are many skeptics, what do you have to lose besides the weight?

You will find that you will have an easier time dieting and getting your weight down, whether you credit the spell or yourself is up to you.

The Benefits of Beauty Spells

With a beauty spell, you will begin to see how people turn their heads when they see you.  They are able to see the glow which can not be contained once it is unleashed.  Those who you want to notice you will notice you and those who once thought themselves better than you will realize just how lovely you are.  Men and women alike can reveal their true beauty for all to see with one of our rituals.  Whether you want to use a beauty spell every day or just for special occasions, your beauty deserves to shine.

One of the most important things that most women look out for is to enhance their beauty and become the center of attraction whenever they go. Perhaps, everybody would wish to walk into a party with thousands of heads turning towards her, ladies gossiping about how beautiful she looks, other women getting jealous and men going head over heels for her!

Thanks to generations of witchcraft and magic spells, beauty spells do exist and can make a person enhance his or her beauty with effective results. Although, you might counter-argue that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet beauty spells can actually spice up your complexion and give you that spark which will ignite fire in thousand hearts wherever you go.

Reasons to Use Magic Rituals for Beauty

The fact that a lot of people look up to beauty with admiration and respect, is exactly the reason why most of us wish – “if I had been prettier!” Hence, beauty being one of the most sought after attribute in the world today. Beauty spells have become extremely popular these days, not only for physical beauty, but also for inner beauty.